Using your gazebo in the winter.

Five ways to use your gazebo in winter

Gazebos are usually seen as an item you use during summer but as our gazebos are weatherproof they can be used during the dull British weather too. So they are perfect to still use during the colder months coming up.

It is also a great time to own a gazebo with the new restrictions. With bars and restaurants following the 10 pm curfew and not being allowed to meet family or friends indoors or outdoors doesn’t give us much to do except to sit in our homes and now summer is over we can imagine it is going to get boring.

Instead of feeling trapped inside, you can continue to use your gazebo outside and once the restrictions are eased, we may be able to visit family and friends outside again so you will be prepared to host small gatherings in your garden, under your gazebo.

So don’t pack away your gazebos just yet, we have some ideas of how you can still enjoy the outdoors and get creative with your gazebos!


Blankets And Cosy Furniture 

Having wooden or plastic seating can make sitting under your gazebo still feel chilly as they don’t retain heat. To turn this around, you could take some cushions and blankets you have lying around and bring them outside or invest in some to use specifically when sitting under your gazebo. They’ll keep you warm whilst you enjoy sitting outside, star-gazing, or sitting by the fire.


Fire Pits And Heaters

Fire pits and heaters are a huge hit during the summer months when the temperature drops on a night and you still want to sit outdoors, but they are also perfect for autumn. You can continue to enjoy the outdoors when it is a little chilly and keep warm.

Extra tip: It’s a great way to celebrate Halloween this year too, sitting under your gazebo by the fire at night and reading ghost stories.


Relaxing In A Hot Tub

During the lockdown, there was no better time to invest in a hot tub – when we were all stuck inside with nothing to do, it was a great way to relax during stressful times. Now that it’s usually raining and colder, it can put people off using their hot tub, but a gazebo provides the perfect shelter to continue using your hot tub. There’s nothing better than jumping in the hot tub on a chilly, rainy night and feeling nice and toasty in your hot tub, sheltered under your gazebo.

Extra tip: add some pretty lights to your gazebo to create a cosy atmosphere.


Cinema Nights

Once restrictions are eased and you can see family and friends, a bbq or garden party may not be the best option. During winter, something cosier like a cinema night under a gazebo, filled with cosy chairs and blankets and watching movies may be the best idea.

You may still have to follow social distancing rules and keep some distance under the gazebo but it’s a fun and a much warmer way to see friends and family if we continue to still be restricted.


Birthday Parties 

Does a member of your household have a birthday coming up? You can still celebrate in a big way by bringing the party outside. Set up your gazebo into a small party layout with a table of snacks and cake and decorate the gazebo with balloons, lights, and play some music.

You can choose a fun theme for your children or even set up a mini bar for an adult’s birthday. There are so many fun ideas that your birthday celebrations don’t have to be boring. It is also a great way to have friends and family join in too, once the rules are relaxed.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to owning your own gazebo, they can be used for every occasion, all year round!

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  1. Jacqui says:

    Hi. We need to purchase a 3×3 canopy. We have the pop up frame but the canopy has ripped in the strong winds. How much is it and how do I order a new one please ?

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