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Hot tub faqs

What Sets All Seasons Hot Tubs Apart?
  • With our genius design, All Seasons Hot Tubs has no unsightly space taking pump, everything is built in & compact
  • With our ‘Easy Set Up’ the hot tub will be self-inflated in just 5 minutes!
  • Our dedicated Sales & Aftersales are UK based and here to help with all your enquiries.
  • Every All Seasons Hot Tub has a min 120 – 130 Air Jets for the ultimate relaxation. The control pump heats the water up to an exquisite 40’c.
  • Our All Seasons Hot Tub, Heats and Runs the bubbles at the same time!
How Much Does It Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

On average we estimate it costs around £7-£10 a week to run an All Seasons Hot Tub based on average use and on the current electricity prices (2019) and feedback based on our customers. We are always working on ways we can help decrease energy use in our manufacturing process. Please note this is purely an estimate and it is strongly advised you monitor your energy use. If your hot tub is constantly on this will be significantly higher.

What Chemicals Do I Need? And How Do I Use Them?

Due to strict import rules with the chemicals we don’t import the chemicals ourselves, instead we recommend you purchase the Clearwater Chemical Spa Starter Kit, which includes all the chemicals you need to maintain your hot tub. Maintaining your hot tub is vital for clean safe bathing and is very simple to maintain

You will need to initially ‘commission shock’ your hot tub with approx. 29g of chlorine, once you have put this in, the hot tub cannot be used for 24hours.

Everyday 6g of chlorine will need to be put in to the hot tub after every use, you can do this by adding the granules to warm water mixing and pouring in to the tub, you will need to put your bubbles on for a couple of minutes, as this will mix it all up for you. Full details will be supplied with your chemical starter set.

Every-time you empty the hot tub to do a change of water you will need to shock your tub with 15g of chlorine, again the tub should not be used for 24 hours.

Chemical balance is very important so as not to get any rash’s or burns from misuse, the chemical box does contain instructions it is advisable to follow them, you should test your hot tub every time you want to use it, using the test strips provided in the chemical box, and make sure your PH and alkalinity balance are accurate, there is a PH- and PH+ in the box also to adjust your levels if needed.

Should the Filter And Heater Be Left on All The Time?

The Filter needs to remain on 247 to keep the water moving and to stop the water from becoming stagnant, the filter will collect dirt, grit etc constantly.

If you use your All Seasons Hot Tub regularly, it is better to keep the heater on, when not in use we recommend setting your Hot Tub temperature to around 36’c and then 2 hours before you plan to bathe increase the temperature to your desired bathing heat.

All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tubs heater is thermostatically regulated, the heater will therefore switch on when the temperature falls below your desired temperature, consequently this is much better than heating from cold to hot and much more cost effective.

What Material are All Seasons Hot Tubs Made From?

The All Seasons Hot Tub is made from durable laminated PVC making it strong and reliable. The All Seasons Gazebo Hot Tub also includes an insulated laminated PVC Hot Tub cover, with aluminium foil to the inside for the perfect insulation of heat, closed sing clips attached to the outside of the hot tub.

How Many People Can Fit in An ASG Hot Tub?

We currently have 2-4 Person and 4-6 Person Hot Tubs

What Is the Age Limit for Children?

Due to the depth of the All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub we would recommend it is not suitable for children under 8 years old.

How Long Does an All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub Last?

If an All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub is well maintained and looked after it can be used for many years. It is important that the Hot Tub is well cared for and stored correctly. We recommend the Hot Tub should not be used in temperatures below 7’c as this can damage the Hot Tub and cause the built-in pump to thermal cut out as it is working at a harder pace to maintain the desired temperature.

Do I Need A Flat Surface for my Hot Tub?


How Much Water Does an ASH hot tub Hold?

2-4 Person 800L
4-6 Person 1000L

What Are the Inflated Dimensions Of ASG Hot Tubs?

2-4 Person 1.81m x1.4m x 0.65m
4-6 Person 2.08m x 1.6m x 0.65m

How Do I Deflate My All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub?

Unscrew the black plug fully and remove, from where you first inflated the Hot Tub, next to the built-in pump on the outside of the Hot Tub.

Can I leave my Hot Tub Unattended for A Long Period?

The All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub can be left running for a couple of days with the filter and heater turned on, if you plan to be away for longer than 72 hours, we would advise that you drain and clean your All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub, and re fill it when you return.

Where Can I Buy Filters From?

You can purchase All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tubs filters online from our website or call our sales line on 01375 858241 Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00

Spare filters are also available on Amazon, eBay or direct from the retailer you purchased from.

Can I Leave My Hot Tub in Direct Sunlight?

No, this can cause damage to the All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub. Why not purchase one of our famous “All Seasons Gazebos “pop up gazebo from our website or Amazon to protect your tub from the elements. Please bear in mind pop up gazebos are meant as temporary structures

Can I Add More Air While my hot tub is Full of Water?

Yes, this is simple. You just need to connect the hose to the inlet valve and the pump then press the “bubble “button

What happens if an internal pump component fails?

No, it’s not a problem at all. All Seasons Hot tubs have a fantastic aftersales service and warranty programme in place. There will be a separate warranty information sheet with your purchase with full details. The inflatable part is covered for 6 months and the pump, heater or any other electrical part for 12 months as standard (Although we will still offer assistance after this time) During this time if there is a small issue our aftersales partner will send you out spare parts. If it is a more significant fault, then you will need to send the hot tub to our aftersales partner who will then repair and send the Tub back to you free of charge. If they cannot fix it they will send you a brand new tub!

What Electricity Supply Do I Need?

Our All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tubs run on a UK standard 13amp/240V electrical supply, you should always use a grounded socket with RCD protection. All our Hot Tubs come with a built in RCD unit as a safety measure.

The cable length is 8m and should not be plugged in to an extension lead. We have created the extra-long cable in order to avoid the need for extension leads. If you need a plug socket closer; we recommend getting a qualified electrician to install a grounded outdoor socket with RCD protection.

What is an RCD?

All our Hot Tubs are fitted with an internal RCD (residual-current device) this is a cut-out device in the event that water comes into contact with the electrical supply to your inflatable Hot Tub.

What Happens If My Hot Tub Gets A Puncture?

In the unfortunate event that your Hot Tub is damaged by way of a puncture, we include a repair kit in all of inflatable Hot Tubs.

What Warranty Do I Have with my Hot Tub?

Yes. There is full details with the tub but Please see the above section “What Happens If A Part of An All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tub Goes Wrong? Is it a problem that the pump is all Built In? “

How Can I Contact All Seasons Gazebos Hot Tubs?

All seasons hot tubs are imported by “Rohen Ltd “if you have any questions what so ever you can contact us direct  .We have a UK based customer service and sales team who are dedicated to helping and can be contacted via phone on 01375 858241 Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00, via our online chat facility at Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00 or message via Facebook 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have a fault with your tub and require our aftersales repair or replace service which comes as standard for 6 months on the inflatable parts and 12 months on the pump and heater or any other electrical part, then please contact our partner Aqua Spa UK Direct on 01628 200643 or visit their website on  . They will arrange to repair or replace

What Is Included with My All Seasons Hot Tub?
  • All Seasons Hot Tub
  • Ground sheet for your Hot Tub
  • PVC laminated, insulated top cover with fastenings
  • Inflation connection hose
  • Filter cartridge and filter cartridge cover
  • Repair Kit
  • Instructions & Warranty information including full aftersales repair and replace service
How Soon Can My Hot Tub be delivered?

We offer FREE next day delivery to Mainland UK when ordered before 3pm. Orders received on a Friday will be delivered on Monday.

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