2×2 Superior Package



Included with this package:

1 x 260g / sqm , fully waterproof roof
1 x Rust resistant , matt black, powder coated frame
13 x Tent Pegs & 4 pieces of guide rope
4 x Heavy duty side panels (260g / sqm)
1 x Heavy duty, waterproof storage bag
4 x leg weight bags
8 x Tent pegs and 4 pieces rope
1 Year frame parts warranty

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Full List of contents

  • 1 x 260g / sqm , fully waterproof roof (choice of 5 colours)
  • 1 x Rust resistant , matt black, powder coated frame (choice of 2 sizes)
  • 13 x Tent Pegs & 4 pieces of guide rope (1 for each foot, 1 for each piece of rope and 5 for the side panels)
  • 4 x Heavy duty side panels, made from the same material as the roof (260g / sqm) and fully waterproof, these connect to the roof with a strip of Velcro and all interlock with each other in the corners with a zip and Velcro strips making it a 100% secure shelter.
  • 1 x Heavy duty, fully waterproof 260g / sqm, Carry / Storage Bag for the gazebo & Separate bag for the side panels. Roof can stay on the gazebo when in the storage bag
  • 4 x leg weight bags (sand not supplied) but soil or heavy bottles etc can be used. When filled to capacity EACH of the 4 bags adds 10kgs of weight to the gazebo. The bags simply attach to each leg using Velcro straps
  • 8 x Tent pegs and 4 pieces rope
  • 1 Year frame warranty

It seems everyone calls their gazebos “heavy duty” and a lot look similar in the pictures, so how can you tell a real heavy duty gazebo? This really is a heavy duty gazebo and it shows if you look at the close up pictures of our frame and roof you can see how much better this is then most (a lot of budget gazebos won’t show you close ups) this gazebo is built to last. It even has a 1 year frame parts warranty included This gazebo is fully waterproof and not just showerproof, you could hold a hose over it and it would not penetrate the 260g / sq. mtr , PVC Coated polyester roof and the water just runs down the Matt black, rust resistant, powder coated frame which has 24 built in support struts within the roof and around the edges eliminating the need of wind bars that the budget gazebos sometimes offer. The side panels of this gazebo connect to the roof using a strip of Velcro that goes round the edge of the roof, they then interlock with each other using the zips that go down the side of each panel and you can further secure the sides be using the Velcro tabs to connect them to the legs. This creates a 100% dry and secure shelter.

You can use all of the sides, none of the side or just a couple of sides depending on what you require

Additional information


White, Green, Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Beige, Red, Yellow, Bright Green, Cream, Orange, Metallic Grey, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, White & Blue Stripe, Green & White Stripe


There are 3 Height settings for your All Seasons Gazebo, they are as follows:

Floor to Peak of roof Heights:

Lowest – 306cm
Middle – 314cm
Highest – 323 cm

Floor to edge of frame height (Head Height):

Lowest – 186cm
Middle – 194cm
Highest – 202cm

The approximate boxed weight and Dimensions of our Gazebos and packages are as follows:

Gazebo Boxes Weight Dimensions
2×2 Pop up Gazebo 1 16kg 133cm x 19cm x 20.5cm
2×2 Standard Package 1 19kg 133cm x 19cm x 22cm
2×2 Superior Package 1 21kg 133cm x 19cm x 24cm
3×3 Pop up Gazebo 1 21kg 150cm x 19cm x 22cm
3×3 Standard Package 1 24.5kg 150cm x 19cm x 25cm
3×3 Superior Package 1 29kg 150cm x 19cm x 28.5cm
3×4.5 Pop up Gazebo 1 30kg 157cm x 26cm x 20cm
3×4.5 Standard Package 2 28kg/4kg 157cm x 26cm x 20cm/55cm x 50cm x 21cm
3×4.5 Superior Package 2 28kg/9kg 157cm x 26cm x 20cm/ 55cm x 50cm x 21cm
3×6 Pop up Gazebo 2 30kg/ 5kg 157cm x 32cm x 23cm/ 55cm x 50cm x 10cm
3×6 Superior Package 2 30kg/ 11kg 157cm x 32cm x 23cm / 55cm x 50cm x 23cm

Difference between our Standard and Superior Packages:

The only difference between these 2 packages is the quality of the side panels.

The Standard Package has Standard Quality Sides, The Superior Package has Superior Quality Sides.

The Standard Quality Sides are made from 210D PU coated Polyester which is a lesser grade/thinner material compared to the roof of our Gazebos, because of this difference of grades, this can mean that there can be a slight colour difference between the roof and sides. This material is however 100% waterproof.

The Superior Quality Sides match the quality of the roof at a high grade material of 260g/sqm PVC Coated polyester, exactly the same as our All Seasons Gazebos roof. Again, these sides are 100% waterproof.

Accessories included with your Gazebo:

  • Sandbag Leg weights – These are delivered Empty and must be filled by yourselves. They can be filled with Sand, Rocks, Dirt, Water bottles etc. Once filled to capacity they can add up to 10kgs of weight onto each leg of your Gazebo.
  • Wheeled Carry/Storage Bag – This bag is made from the exact same material as our roofs and Superior Sides – 260g/sqm PVC Coated Polyester, a high grade material which is 100% waterproof
  • Tent Pegs and Guy Ropes
  • **Please note, with all packages that come with side panels, a separate side panel bag will be included in your box.



Awaiting list


Please click here for warranty information


What Surfaces can the Gazebos be erected on?

Due to the sandbag leg weight bags that are provided with your gazebo, this item is suitable to be erected on most surfaces including: grass, decking, concrete etc

How do I wash the canvas material on the Gazebo?

Please wash the canvas material with warm soapy water and a sponge. We strongly recommend not to put the items in a washing machine as this will damage the PVC/ Waterproof coating.

Does this product come with windbars?

No, our All Seasons Gazebos do not need windbars due to the 21 support struts in the roof of the frame, eliminating the need for windbars, unlike cheaper gazebos on the market.

If I purchase a gazebo which doesn’t include side panels can I purchase these separately at a later date?

Yes of course. Our packs of side panels are listed in our spares section.

Is there a logo printed on the gazebo?

Yes our All Seasons Gazebos logo is printed on one side of our canopy.

Do you have a printing service?

Unfortunately, at this point in time we cannot offer this service. However, many of our customers do have their gazebos printed up with their own business logo so it can be done by a professional printing service.

Is there any assembly required?

All of our Gazebos are Pop up Gazebos. There are no poles to slot into place, it will take literally 2 minutes to erect. We also have a video tutorial of how to erect this item which can be viewed on our home page.

Is this gazebo fully waterproof?

All of our gazebos are 100% waterproof – Our canopies are made from PVC Coated polyester with reinforced taping around the stitching. You could literally hold a hose over the material and not a drop of water would come through.

Can I use a naked flame inside the gazebo?

No. You cannot use a naked flame inside or next to the gazebo as a fire precaution.

Can the height of the gazebos be adjusted?

Yes, there are 3 different height settings for our gazebos. Please see our specifications tab on this description for more information.

Are the sandbags which are included with the gazebo filled with sand?

No, these are sent as empty bags. You can fill these with sand, bricks, water bottles etc to help weigh the gazebo down.


Can I leave this item up overnight?

All of our gazebos are Pop up gazebos. As with all pop up gazebos they are temporary structures and should not be left up unattended and/or overnight. Doing this does void the frame parts warranty that you receive with your item.

Can I use this item in high winds?

This item is designed to withstand light to moderate winds. Please take your gazebo down if there will be high winds/storms to avoid any damage to the gazebo.

Can I screw the feet of the gazebo into decking?

By screwing the item into decking this would mean the item would become a more permanent fixture which is not what it is designed to be.  Also by screwing this item into decking it does not allow the frame any give to move slightly in wind which can cause the frame to buckle. Therefore screwing the item into decking will also void the frame parts warranty that your receive with your gazebo.


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