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All Seasons 130 air jet inflatable hot tub / spa (2019 model)

Unlike some other brands the All Seasons Spa Heats and bubbles at the same time meaning the water stays at your desired temperature whilst relaxing with the 130 air jets on.

  • Heats the water up to 40 degrees with smart technology built in.
  • Increased 8m Lead with RCD plug to create a perfect distance from your plug socket.
  • Spa can be used on very cold days if required. Down to -7 Degrees outside air temperature.

All in 1 unit. There is no “ugly “pump hanging off the hot tub. The All seasons Spa pump is all built in and self-inflates in minutes, just connect the hose from the enclosed pump to the inflation valve and press the ‘bubble’ button.

Full UK aftersales comes as standard. If your spa fails and our aftersales cannot help you on the phone or by sending replacement parts, simply send the tub to our aftersales partner who will repair and send this back to you. If it cannot be repaired, they will send you a brand-new tub free of charge!! This truly is a market leading warranty and is included as standard in the price.

Full Description
All Seasons Hot Tubs are proud to present for 2019 our NEW outstanding premium Spa with multiple upgrades from our 2018 model creating a luxury high end spa at an affordable low-end price.

Featuring a boastful 130 air jets & some new added features Such as Bubble & heat at the same time and an extension to the length of our lead from 3.5m on the 2018 model to a brilliant 8 metres on this 2019 model based on customers feedback for a longer lead.

With no ugly “egg “ pump  required to hang off the hot tub like many brands,  All Seasons Hot tubs have a built-in fully integrated pump, a luxury PVC coated exterior  with insulating eva foam not only insulating the floor of the tub but giving a soft gel like cushion effect feeling when standing and sitting inside the hot tub whilst keeping the heat from escaping from the bottom.

Do not be put off by “if it breaks, I cannot just replace a part” yes you can and in fact it gets much better than that. Please see below.

In the unlikely circumstances something should go wrong with your spa our UK based tech and after sales support team will try and resolve this remotely at first on the phone. If we are unable to resolve this remotely or by sending a spare part, you can send the tub back to our UK based after sales support team who will repair your tub before promptly sending it back to you. If it can’t be repaired, they will send you a brand-new hot tub free of charge!!! This is a market leading warranty and after sales service and is all included as standard. This is valid for 6 Months for the inflatable parts and 12 months for the pump, heater and other electrical parts.  Of course, standard after sales support and spare parts are available to purchase long after this.

Smart Heating Technology
Our spas heat up to 40⁰C with a smart technology built in, meaning that it will turn the heater off once it reaches your desired temperature but once the temperature dips 2⁰c lower than this, the heater will turn back on and heat back up to the temperature you have specified.

A self-inflating device – All you need to do is plug the hot tub in, connect the hose supplied from the air outlet to the air valve on the outside of the hot tub, press ‘Bubble’ on the display screen and it will inflate within 5 minutes! No outside pump necessary.

Material Composition
The hot tub is made from durable laminated PVC making it strong and reliable. The Interior of the tub features an eva gel cushioned floor not only giving a soft surface to sit or stand on but insulating the bottom of the tub and keeping your heating bill lower This item also includes an insulated Laminated PVC Hot Tub cover, closed using buckles attached to your tub.

Our spas are premium in the market and offer superior strength and durability, without the expensive price tag

Air Jets
All our spas boast a whopping 130 Air Jets built in, producing thousands of bubbles. Once activated our 130 air jets provide a steady stream of effervescent enjoyment for you and your companions. Simply sit back and enjoy the tranquillity. Unlike some other brands you can heat and bubble at the same time. Why buy a brand that only lets you do one or the other?

Our spas are ideal for bringing the family together, ensuring your next BBQ or garden party is one to remember.

What’s in the box?

  • The Spa
  • Ground sheet for your Spa
  • PVC laminated, insulated top cover
  • Inflation connection hose
  • Filter cartridge and filter cartridge cover
  • Repair kit
  • Instructions and warranty information


All Seasons Gazebos and Hot Tubs Hot Tub Warranty Information

Extent of warranty

— 3 months warranty on spa.
— 12 months for electrical parts.

Obligations of purchaser

The purchaser must establish by dated sales slip or invoice, the original date of purchase

Limitations and exclusions

The warranty covers the spa pool body for 3 months and it’s electrical components for 12 months. The warranty covers this only. The retailer is not responsible for any claim of damages arising from use or loss of use, installation or repair of the spa including but not limited to punctures, cuts in vinyl, water and/or sewage costs, freeze damage, or water damage to surrounding areas, rooms, furnishings or landscaping.

Acts invalidating warranty

This warranty is void if the spa pool has been altered, misused, abused or has been repaired by an unauthorized person, or is not installed according to the instructions. Other acts that will void the warranty are operating the spa without water or improper water level, use of an extension cord, improper chemical maintenance, burying the spa below ground level, damage from ice or freezing, low voltage or excess voltage.


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